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Bestival news: Do Bestival in style with one of our premium Backstage, Hospitality or Boutique …

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Bestival news: Do Bestival in style with one of our premium Backstage, Hospitality or Boutique …

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Do Bestival in style with one of our premium Backstage, Hospitality or Boutique Camping options! Comment below tagging a friend who you’d bring and we’ll pick one person at random on Wednesday to win a pair of Backstage tickets! http://www.bestival.net/camping


25 Responses

  1. Georgina Doherty says:

    Jasmine Doherty this is why it’s called BESTival <3 epic line up, epic vibes for the BEST time! Eeek!!

  2. Richard Skilbeck says:

    Backstage tickets Simone Skilbeck? Does this mean I can tell the Pet Shop Boys my ‘Rent’ anecdote? Or get Jamie T to sign my vinyl copy of Panic Prevention?

  3. Alexandra Lane says:

    I’d obviously bring Cian Una O’Donoghue because we love a festival & you are the bestival after all ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Tom Ponsford says:

    Ellie Rowlings! Her first festival should be the best!

  5. Kevin Walker says:

    Kirstie Williams it would be sooo good to actually enjoy all weekend, and not work for a change. ❤️ 😘🍀

  6. Amelia Parsons says:


    Mark is trying to get a space on the cycle-to-bestival scheme… (when do we find out about that anyway?!)… but this would be MUCH better & he could WOW his date by bringing her 😏

    #tipi #pickmeee

  7. Mia Pia says:

    Would have to be you Christine Gent . You are the origional bestival goer. Remember being a kid and finding you at the kitchen table dressed as a prawn. 🦐💙

  8. Jenna Benna says:

    Alex Kesterson we got engaged there after alll??? First time returning as a married couple (4years in October 🤙❤️) 😀😀🤘

  9. Abbie Sunter says:

    Holly Thomas after your Vfest let down this would be the ultimate in karmic balancing! Bestival is the better festival anyway 😁👍🏻🌻☀️🍻❤️

  10. Victoria Jane says:

    Paul Mason-Smith. Please can we win this. I’ve been a loyal Bestival goer for years now. Even after the weirdness of last year we are coming back for more. I ❤️ Bestival xxx 🌈 🌈

  11. Claire Davis says:

    Suzie Hill no need for the sex field if we have one of these lol xx

  12. Gary Heikki Street says:

    Yes please to back stage and boutique camping 👍😁

    How does that suit you Edith Neilson?

    Increase The Peace 😘

  13. Lauren Gabrielle Chandler says:

    Kimberley Stone I think I deserve these after the horror of last year, worst festival of my life in general camping with the ket head teenagers seizing all around me, I need proof this is actually worth attending and I’d never pay money to go again so….? 😂

  14. Polly Morris says:

    Brian Phillips – this could be our reward for once again surviving camp bestival with our mighty crew (hurrah to not having to feed/entertain/vaguely control 8 mental kids every day and actually being able to have a beer & dance without constant mumming) xxx

  15. Hayley Margaret Wyatt says:

    First Bestival for me and my daughter her first big festival so looking forward to a fab lineup amazing location would top our festival experience off with the most wonderfully fantastic accommodation xx

  16. Neil Kenny says:

    Been to all the Camp Bestivals since 2012 so would love to go to this one at the best place for a festival ever. Daniel Blake you should enter this competition too.

  17. Rosie Burt says:

    Ellie Mcloughlin tagging you here as well because going for my birthday would be ideal, lemme turn 22 at a fezzy pls xoxox

  18. Mhairi Urquhart says:

    Mhairi Urquhart we would love to go always been on the lsle of wight but would like to check out new site xx Stuart William Rogers

  19. Melanie Churchill Dyke says:

    We haven’t got a tent yet Hana Dyke! Boutique camping sounds cool ⛺️👏

  20. Ellen Russell says:

    Pick me and Morgan Clarke because if I do one more festival sleeping in a glittery yoga mat this season it may be the end of me! 💛💛💛

  21. Claire Smith says:

    Joanna Tran bring on the singing dancing mudfest 🕺🏽🙆‍♂️👏 Wellies at the ready!!

  22. Yasmin Papworth says:

    Deanne Papworth how awesome would this be, our first festival, ticking off the bucket list with added back stage passes… keeping my fingers crossed 🤞🏼🤞🏼

  23. Joanna Wojna says:

    Gutted the bestival has left our island. I wouldn’t dream of going with anyone els but my fav and most beautiful Roxanne Desbrow xx

  24. Sian Harvey says:

    Please pick me!!! My niece is going & I desperately need to ensure she’s ok without doubting her ability to have fun & stay safe lol 😆 Rachel Rose

  25. Natalie Milner says:

    Natalie Milner can’t tag my hubby he doesn’t use fb. But we have hospitality tickets but bringing our own tent. We are celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary and this is our first ever festival ❤❤❤❤

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