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Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival news: Exciting news incoming ….TOMORROW…

Latest update from Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival :

Exciting news incoming ….TOMORROW
Watch this space!
Love Team Bella
Xx ❤️ xx

Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival



19 Responses

  1. Ian Columbine says:

    Hopefully you’ll be announcing the rest of the lineup

  2. Mike Ovens says:

    Was talking to the peat & diesel boys last week and kinda let it slip….

  3. Leslie Brown says:

    Hopefully resale details as I can’t make it as got Commonwealth Games tickets – have to sell 2 adults+kids tickets

  4. Amber Rose says:

    Sam fender and paolo nutini come onnn!🥳🤙🤞

  5. Rhianna Nicol says:

    Chloe McMeechan better be peat and diesel

  6. Ruth Keddie says:

    Catriona Berry exciting news is… We are going 😂 x

  7. Nadine Halliwell says:

    Chris Halliwell tyler wants us to go next year

  8. Robert McKerron says:

    Deep Purple playing

  9. Sandra Bryce Smith says:

    Rona Bryce hope its Paolo 😍😍😍🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  10. Joanne Malley says:

    More tickets??

  11. Robert McKerron says:

    Iron Maiden makin guest appearance

  12. Craig Benson says:

    Hopefully that they’ve added more kids tickets!!!

  13. Victoria Edwards says:

    Hopefully resell details as I have 2 adult 3 day tickets to sell 🤞unable to go now

  14. Kelly McDonell says:

    Marion Nicolson keep an eye incase kids tickets

  15. Alison Cowie says:

    More child tickets please 🙏 🙏 🙏 I need two for my twins

  16. Carl Stansfield says:

    Hopefully no more local wedding bands with zero original material 🙄

  17. Sheena Bell says:

    I think Kassidy should return 🤔

  18. Shaun Simpson says:

    Line up currently not great IMO needs a lot of change. I’ve never heard Peat and Diesel so can’t comment but if they were added they shouldn’t be a headliner regardless based on ticket prices. Would like to see a decent rock band that hasn’t just been dug up for the day. We need Bella to be EXTRA special this year as its been a long wait.

  19. Tracy Banks Mackay says:

    Would be handy if it’s a resale option, have 4 possibly 3 day Adult tics

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