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Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival news: BELLA TENTS GO TO REFUGEES …

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Latest update from Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival :


A large amount of camping equipment collected after Bella 2017 has been sent to refugees in the Greek island of Lesvos by Highlands Support Refugees. Volunteers have sent 97 tents and 74 folding chairs.

“Although from an environmental perspective we would rather people took their camping equipment home with them, from a humanitarian perspective we are delighted that it has been to such good use by Highlands Support Refugees,” said Joe Gibbs, festival promoter.

Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival


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25 Responses

  1. Brilliant!! Loving this xxx

  2. Loraine Ross says:

    Ellie Duncan. Kyle Ross

  3. Shaun Mckenzie Sally Mackenzie Jan Zagorski this makes me happy 😊

  4. Belinda McWilliam Emma Abrew well at least your tent went to a good cause!!!!

  5. That’s great 😁 glad to hear the tents left have gone to good use , helping others ❤️

  6. Abby May says:

    Cameron Dalrymple Sophie Gordon Jordie Gunn I think that’s our tent lol x

  7. Craig Kelly Victoria Sherburn yous done good 👍😅

  8. Chloe Stewart Abbie Shearer Emily Millard Niall Mackay

  9. Kelly Ross says:

    I couldn’t believe how many tents were left behind, so glad they will help someone in much need❤️

  10. Vicky Campbell show this to val, we did something good 👍🏻

  11. Well done Bella 🌟💓🌟💓🌟

  12. Dean Robertson Carswell think ours made it?

  13. Jamie Mowat yours would have gone across 😂

  14. Kirsty Reid says:

    Fabulous 😁😁😁

  15. Scott Ross we done our deed

  16. well done for redistributing them.

  17. Max Paul says:

    Erin Mcilroy think ours has been sent?

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