Beautiful Days Festival news: We’re working on the new merchandise for #BD2022…

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Latest update from Beautiful Days Festival

We’re working on the new merchandise for #BD2022 πŸ€“
As well as festival t-shirts & hoodies in various designs, what else would you like to see available? πŸŒ‚πŸŽ©πŸ§£
Our Merch Tent is next to the Main Stage and open all on day from Thursday onwards selling Festival and Artist merchandise and programmes

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37 Responses

  1. Sapphire Rowlatt says:

    Bucket hats πŸ₯°

  2. Matt Barber says:

    I’m getting old πŸ˜… but if you’re after merch ideas I’d love a festival blanket for the van 🚐

  3. Anne Ellis says:

    Leggings with a design down one leg?

  4. Diane Richards says:

    Long sleeved t shirts

  5. Jo O'Brien says:

    A zipped hoodie

  6. Jenny Dalton says:

    I love my umbrella I bought a few years ago!

  7. Caroline Sharratt says:

    Beach towels please!

  8. Julie Morris says:

    An umbrella that you can fit in a rucksack x loved the ones you sold but could never buy one cause I had to fly home and couldn’t fit it in x 😞

  9. Lindsey Constable says:

    Mugs please πŸ™

  10. Angela Loweth says:

    Bumbag or small rucksack to carry essentials

  11. Jayne Collinson says:

    Hello. Sorry to jump on here but may I bring my Rainbow Wraps Hair Braiding stall to Beautiful Days 2022 please? I have emailed twice but haven’t managed to connect. Jayne

  12. Dan Newhall says:

    Bucket hat!

  13. Brenda May Glendenning says:

    Oven gloves x

  14. Andrew Jones says:

    Retro style tee shirts they just went down a storm at rock in Rio. Good quality one’s mind.

  15. Daniel Phillips says:

    Tankards, enamel cups, flasks, pint pots

  16. Steve Parsons says:

    I asked my kid… β€œhats, any hats !!”

  17. Jenni Bell says:

    Long line ladies vest tops!

  18. Guy Horwood says:

    Tote bag. Water bottle. Lanyards. Harem pants !

  19. Abi White says:

    Please can you review the sizes of your ladies tshirts? The large size has got progressively smaller over the last few years, and the majority of ladies can’t fit into any of these now.

  20. Andrew Murdoch says:

    Towels!! Bring back the black and red Levs towel.

  21. Helen Jane says:

    Fridge magnets and sew on badges

  22. Chloe Kingston Jones says:

    New patches

  23. Ricky Munky Rose says:

    Mens longline tees
    Snapback caps

  24. Hollie Bate says:

    More kids range please!

  25. Jackie Liddle says:

    Festival tea towel!

  26. Kersti Fourcin says:

    Baby vests! ❀️

  27. Charlotte Jess says:


  28. Sarah Brammer says:


  29. Marian Holding says:

    Like the pretend tattoos

  30. Rachel Joy says:

    V neck tee shirts please

  31. Beckie Harrison says:

    Patches!! Not just the huge one [I have that 1!]

  32. Holly Porton says:

    Pearly Porton is that you in the queue…?

  33. Aly Peacock says:

    van stickers, bag, re-usable water bottle.

  34. Tim Sidwell says:

    A festival poster would be great to frame for the wall

  35. Nic Greenland says:

    Metal camping mug

  36. Loopy Lu Pickles says:

    Van stickers and patches please x

  37. Trish Padwicke says:

    I’d like to see only ecologically sound climate friendly merch

    So nothing that doesn’t degrade swiftly.

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