Beautiful Days Festival news: We are pleased to announce that Beautiful Days will be charging NO COMMISSION to artists on revenue …

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Latest update from Beautiful Days Festival

We are pleased to announce that Beautiful Days will be charging NO COMMISSION to artists on revenue from the sale of their merchandise at the festival – 100% will go to the artist

We know how important merchandise revenue is for touring artists, particularly at the moment with so many rising costs

We’re very grateful for the support we receive from festival-goers buying our festival merchandise and programmes. Now festival-goers can be assured they are 100% supporting the artists when they buy any of their merchandise at our event

Beautiful Days Festival



24 Responses

  1. Marc Holmes says:

    Can you clarify, is this a new policy or has it always been this way?

  2. Brilliant. ❤️😁

  3. Steve French says:

    Great to see how beautiful days festival is showing the music industry that this how things should be.
    It’s about the music not the profits 😉

  4. Frank Anson says:

    Well done beautiful days.

  5. Brilliant, well done 👏

  6. All festivals should do this.

  7. Dave Tomlin says:

    Good on you lovely folk 💚👍x

  8. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  9. Alex Kendall says:

    …and statements like this is why we love you BD! ❤️

  10. As someone who has been incredibly vocal about this in recent months, I can honestly say that my favourite festival to play just did the most incredible thing. We ❤️ you guys. Thank you.

  11. Awesome! Hopefully other festivals and venues will follow suit

  12. This is fantastic. Thankyou BDs for leading the way, I hope many others follow suit. Xxx

  13. This is amazing news!! Well done BD team 👏👏👏
    Let’s hope others follow 🤞

  14. Wayne Noble says:

    I should think not either 🤔

  15. Robin Ince says:

    you are the best festival

  16. I didn’t realise that happened apart from special t-shirts with band and festival on, what a rip off , glad I go to wonky donk, now Rustic Stomp a small festie where the artists sell you their merch personally, so you know it’s in their pocket

  17. Tracey Allen says:

    Things like this make Beautiful Days the best festival in the world ever 💖

  18. Lou Frame says:

    Fantastic! Well done BDs you are amazing!! 💥

  19. Paul Boon says:

    So you did before? How dissapointing 😞

  20. Jay Walker says:


  21. Good on you! ❤️

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