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Beautiful Days Festival news: This is going to be very exciting tonight! Headlining the Big Top stage is The Lakeman Family Gather…

Latest update from Beautiful Days Festival

This is going to be very exciting tonight! Headlining the Big Top stage is The Lakeman Family Gathering – the first ever festival performance with the whole clan Also on the bill in the Big Top tonight are London 4 piece The Big Moon, the faces of the 2021 sea shanty revival The Longest Johns, roots band Edward II and festival favourites 3 Daft Monkeys

Tonight at 10:45 will be the first time we have all played on a stage together for 25 years. We are all sooooo excited. Wish us luck 🍀 #lakemanfamilygathering Beautiful Days Festival Seth Lakeman Cara Dillon Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman Geoffrey Lakeman Sam Lakeman

Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman


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12 Responses

  1. Lou Wudz says:

    Wish I was there for this! <3 Have a great night, folks!

  2. James Spencer says:

    I didn’t know if BDs would be allowed this year so I filled my weekend with my own gigs and couldn’t go 😂

    If I was there, the only thing I’d truly demand is that Cara sing the parting glass at the end of the night. No one sings that like she does. I’d be happy to hear anything else from all of them. That would be my one demand 😂

  3. Kim Elizabeth says:

    Can you remind me where the silent disco is please and what time 😊

  4. Adrian Crowther says:

    Edward II were amazing. What a brilliant set

  5. Liz David says:

    Let’s hope I manage to see them, spent a lot of wasted time at this festival trying to find a toilet to piss in that isn’t over flowing with shit. 18 months successfully avoiding covid, 4 days at beautiy days festival and live in fear of coming home with hepatitis..

  6. Lee McGarry says:

    The Big Moon were excellent. Not come across them before tonight and just happened to hear them as I wandered past the big tent. Finding new bands is one of the best things about Beautiful Days.

  7. Sarah Clarke says:

    They were fab

  8. Andrew Smith says:

    Hope you had a great gig

  9. Mandy Haley says:

    This was such a treat- thank you so much for your amazing combined family performance- my highlight of the festival! 🌟👏🌟

  10. Emma Vogwell says:

    Absolutely amazing gig 🎶💗

  11. Claire Cross says:

    Truly amazing show Lakeman family. Absolutely brilliant!! 💕

  12. Lara Welsby says:

    Brilliant , thank you so much!

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