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Beautiful Days Festival news: Shocked and saddened to hear that frontman Terry Hall from The Specials has died aged 63 after a sho…

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Latest update from Beautiful Days Festival

Shocked and saddened to hear that frontman Terry Hall from The Specials has died aged 63 after a short illness. Our thoughts and condolences to Terry’s family, friends and bandmates.

The Specials played a superb set at Beautiful Days this August which has turned out to be one of the last ever shows he performed. One of the most influential and important artists of all time, The Specials were at the forefront of the 2 Tone movement and changed the face of UK music.

In addition to The Specials, Terry pursued a long line of projects and collaborations over his career and influenced a great number of artists.

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50 Responses

  1. No way 😲 ..I was there ..RIP Terry Hall ..thankyou for your gift x

  2. Sally Wilde says:

    Just awful news. So glad they graced BD’s with that headliner. They were excellent.

  3. Kim Holbrook says:

    Was there !! So sad 😞
    Obi Holbrook 😢

  4. So privileged to see him last summer at beautiful days. My heart goes out to his family 💓

  5. Rob James says:

    A great set from a great band, RIP Terry.

  6. They were the highlight for me, RIP Terry

  7. Allan Kay says:

    Very sad news, massive part if my musical life. So glad I got the see him at BD 💜

  8. An absolutely wonderful man with a beautiful heart with used his musical talent to bring us all together. We all love you. RIP Terry Hall. 😢💐

  9. Molly Mole says:

    So sad – great set this year at Beautiful Days.

  10. Kerry Pearce says:

    Oh no I loved all of his music. The set they played at BD was amazing. Highlight of the festival!

  11. So sorry to hear this. The voice of a whole generation and an inspiration on everything that followed. They smashed it at Beautiful Days… Do you remember the good old days before the ghost town?
    We danced and sang as the music played in any boomtown

  12. RIP Terry Hall. Thank you for the special musical memories.

  13. So sad to hear this, but so pleased that all of us at beautiful days got to see him perform a few months ago. What a great man and what a sad loss.

  14. Very sad, to hear this. Was there at their set at BD 2022. Sympathy goes out to all his family and friends ✌️❤️

  15. A talented magical Terry Hall gone to musical heaven.. the angels will be dancing and singing… thoughts and prayers to his family and friends 🙏.. we are blessed he has given the world wonderful joy . . Thank you. X

  16. Chris Deacon says:

    Terrible news. Lovely man 😪 RIP Terry

  17. Amazing gig that was RIP Terry Hall 💔

  18. Andrew Watts says:

    Was lucky to meet him several times, last seen in Brighton last September and he was on top form , RIP sir

  19. Was on shift this year when they were on but was dancing up my fire tower. He still sounded fab. Have loved The Specials for 40+ years. RIP Terry Hall 💖💖

  20. It was a wonderful set at BD this year – so sad to hear this news tonight. RIP Terry 💔

  21. So saddened to hear of Terry’s passing. One of the greats. The Specials set earlier this year was a definite highlight of the festival. RIP Terry xxx

  22. Bless that Dude so heartbreaking to hear… glad to have been influenced and have him in my life… going home the Native American poem strikes the mind.

  23. Dave Forster says:

    The Specials were a big part of my teenage life and moulded a lot of my values I still carry today. RIP Terry 🙏

  24. Sad news. The abolute highlight of this year’s festival, just superb. RIP Terry.

  25. Lee Poole says:

    Saw them for the first time at beautiful days this years, one of the reasons for me going. Shocked to read of his passing earlier. Thoughts are with his family and freinds, life’s cruel at times 😔

  26. Paul Shirley says:

    Rip Terry hall 😢

  27. So glad I fulfilled an ambition to see The Specials. RIP Terry

  28. Andrew Ellis says:

    RIP unique sound reflecting an era

  29. RIP Terry Hall – a phenomenal artist and performer. We saw this performance and immediately put The Specials in our top 5 live acts we’ve been lucky enough to see. 😢

  30. I was desperate to go to the festival this year as the Specials were in the line up. The Specials celebrated diversity in the Midlands at a time when life for us could be very unpleasant. The world needs more Terry Halls 😟🙏.
    So sad for his family especially just before Christmas

  31. Maty Tustian says:

    Went up to secondary school in 1979. Specials were a massive influence and remain so. Amazing set last year at BDs

  32. Steve Beaney says:

    deeply saddened about this, was a good egg!

  33. Such a sad day that will affect so many far and wide in the world 😔
    I feel privileged to have been with them @ Beautiful Days 🥹

  34. Gutted. So glad to have seen them at BDs this year. Will be up there with seeing them play the Coventry Cathedral ruins in 2019. RIP Terry. Legend 😭❤️

  35. Julie Martin says:

    Pat & I danced and sang through the set, we always found newly discovered energy when they played. It was easily our highlight of the festival. Very sad.

  36. So sorry to hear this, our entire group came over for the set, he and the whole band were fantastic. Condolences to his family and friends. Xx

  37. Life changing music. Great set at BD 22. Gone too soon. RIP Terry 🕊️

  38. So Sad to hear this. The specials set at Bd made my husbands first festival extra special this year. Rip Terry.

  39. Tom Delaney says:

    Thoughts & 🙏 to family & friends, massive loss

  40. Shane and I seen them a few years ago so sad x

  41. Julie Barker says:

    Seen him ay Beautiful Days in August. ❤️❤️

  42. Roy Bailey says:

    RIP Terry, great set at BD, great man, great band

  43. Sue Futcher says:

    What an impact you made Terry. Thanks for the songs RIP🙏❤️

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