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Beautiful Days Festival news: Massive thanks to the lovely people who handed in wallets, car keys, phones and items we have been a…

Latest update from Beautiful Days Festival

Massive thanks to the lovely people who handed in wallets, car keys, phones and items we have been able to reunite with their very grateful owners 🙏
Please email lostandfound@beautifuldays.org if you lost something at the festival – lots of items still unclaimed that were found during the show and in the clear-up.

Beautiful Days Festival


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30 Responses

  1. Jess TheWess says:

    I found a silver ring with what looks like a moonstone in it. The information point was closed so couldn’t hand it in but happy to post it – message me if you think it’s yours xx

  2. Calvin Mark says:

    There was a woman in 80s who lost her heart to a starship trooper.
    I wonder if she ever got it back.

  3. Jen Bee says:

    We all got our stuff back through lost and found thank you all so much for being lovely people and handing stuff in!! Very grateful xx

  4. Sue Hawkins says:

    I lost two days! And not in a good way😞

  5. Lisa Hill says:

    James Gordon maybe someone found The Fur

  6. Daron Billings says:

    And an equally massive thanks to all behind Beautiful Days for reuniting us with festivals too. x

  7. Mark Sutcliffe says:

    To whoever handed my phone and all of my bank and credit cards in, I can’t thank you enough. You are lovely people!

  8. Sophie Beesley says:

    My husband is gutted to have lost his gold wedding ring that looks like a twisted twig. Really hoping someone might have found it and it didn’t just get trampled into the mud!! Please get in touch X

  9. Ginny Gould says:

    We acquired a rather nice bear at the Lego Tent and he is missing his owner. I’ve posted photos elsewhere but will do so again – we’d love to return him.

  10. Tracy Ford says:

    Big thank you to the lovely person who handed in our rucksack although it didn’t contain a great deal I appreciated the thought and was glad to have my pac a Mac later that evening 🥰🥰🥰

  11. Alison Heard says:

    Neil Heard – might be worth emailing about our campervan window!!

  12. Tim Nixon says:

    Evie Honor, ask if they found your dignity 🤣🤪

  13. Jamie Blackwell says:

    Of all the things I’ve lost, it’s my mind I miss the most

  14. Sophie Gimber says:

    Thankyou whoever handed in my sons bumbag with his walkie talkie! I swear the little sod lost it on purpose so i couldnt contact him 😂😂 but very grateful it turned up!

  15. James Robert Askew says:

    Found me lost wallet twice. Cocktail bar once, Bimble Inn the other. Spot on for lost and found as usual. Xx

  16. Kirsty Vebb says:

    Somebody found my phone charged it up and contacted my mum who now has it <3

  17. Maty Tustian says:

    I will email about my lost iphone when get back from Watchet Festival
    Fingers crossed

  18. Lisa Martinhull says:

    My daughter lost her phone at the silent disco toilet block on Sat night. Thank you so much to the people that handed it in to lost and found. 🥰

  19. James Flibble says:

    I lost my platinum wedding ring at BD in 2016. It was made by my mates dad and I still have a daft hope that it’ll turn up one day and find it’s way back to me.

  20. Bryony Barker says:

    Thank you for finding my phone! 💖

  21. Jo Carr says:

    My brain anywhere ?

  22. Tabitha Skelton says:

    Great job guys n gals . A friend of ours lost a rucksack with his world in it. Including wallet, money, phone, car keys etc and it was handed in and returned with everything inside- such lovely people who attend beautiful days that’s why we love it !

  23. Linda Hayes says:

    I lost a little pewter half pint flagon with an inscription on the side with BSC on it. Don’t suppose it was handed in?

  24. Kevin Clark says:

    I lost a silver ring with black diamonds and writing on it at the little big top stage area when in full dance mode!🔥if you have please message me😊

  25. Sam Watkiss says:

    Can anyone tell me how to join BD chat please? Can’t seem to find it thanks

  26. Caroline Smith says:

    Left my black wallet on the floor in the middle of a very muddy main arena. Somehow managed to walk back and find it in the dark 🙈🤣

  27. Abi Storey says:

    Big thank you to the girl who found my phone and is posting it back to me 💜

    Can’t currently access email without my phone, but I also lost a little silver ring with a moon on it if anyone found it?

  28. Emily Roberts says:

    Let me know if my dignity turns up 😏🤣

  29. Sarah Bec says:

    Thank you to everyone involved with Beautiful Day’s. Our first time , definitely not the last . A beautiful, well organised, friendly festival with such a feeling of peace and good vibes . My friend left her bag on the floor , 30 min later still there and nothing taken. Faith in humans restored 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  30. Steven Allen says:

    I leant a security guard my coat on sunday evening as he sat at the gate shivering and was on duty til 7am. Couldn’t stand the thought of him “catching his death” and just asked he pop it back in my stall b4 he left. Sadly be never bothered!! Hopefully the guys at the main office will be able to persuade him to send it on to me. Shame but at least he stayed warn🤔

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