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Beat Herder news: Tickets for The Beat-Herder Festival 2018 are NOW ON SALE. …

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Latest update from Beat Herder:

Tickets for The Beat-Herder Festival 2018 are NOW ON SALE.
Tier 1 tickets have already sold out and Tier 2 tickets are going fast… The earlier you buy the cheaper they are so DON’T DILLY DALLY.
We have pay monthy AND pay weekly options for Tier 3 tickets from just over £5 a week!
PLUS you can reserve a HALF PRICE programme too!
Don’t forget the vehicle pass either.
TICKETS: http://www.beatherder.co.uk

The Beat-Herder Festival


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23 Responses

  1. Oh Juliannnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!

  2. Katie Skellern Craig Egan Jason Titch Armitage Justin Armitage Lisa Egan Hannah Elizabeth Fran Wilson are we all doing beatherder this year

  3. Ste Sutton says:

    How much for tier 2 beatherder? I don’t get paid till the morrow?

  4. Ste Sutton says:

    The beat herder festival

  5. Bev Crocket says:

    Faye Tate Dale Knoxville Templeton this is the festival I was telling you about. We go every year 😜😜😜 xx

  6. Ste Sutton says:

    Lee Sutton Chris Cox IndiKa Kingsley Zoe Bean Kingsley Deano Radford Dave Winstanley Elizabeth Sandilands Philip Whitham Bob Breaks Cheryl Thomas I hope you’re all coming next year

  7. Jo Cleworth says:

    Donna Mavin try this link Hun xx

  8. Abbie Almond says:

    Abby Munns Johnny Humes Cade Burgess Rebecca Alexander 💜❤💙💚💛

  9. Step daughter s wedding may get the Sunday

  10. Owen Dookie Dootson Sophie FoxGloves Glover Liam Slater Stephen Parker Dylan Scott Matthew Deary Tom Hayward

  11. Martin Low says:

    Fuck ur petty early tiered tickets, I wanna pay max price, I think beatherder deserves it and I’m nice like that!
    Wake me up when it’s atleast 160 a ticket!

  12. Whats the tier thing all Bout??

  13. Lisa Tatts says:

    Who’s coming? Sami Leah CheRyl Anne Joanne Tattersall Rachel Taylor Rachel Kelsall Emma Sarah Taylor Ashley Turner April Evans Kerry Lavin

  14. Elliot Glover
    Debby Astles
    Vicky Newcombe

  15. Josh Wainwright 1st lot sold out already xx

  16. Took me ages to get on but managed to get 3, 3 tier tickets at £18 a week for 25 weeks. 🤗🤗

  17. Lorna Bibby says:

    Tom 😘😗😘😗😗

  18. Where are the payment plan options?

  19. Vanessa Stead take me pls xxx

  20. Hayley Easton Abby Kirwan are you both going next year? It’s on my birthday 🎉🎉

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