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Beat Herder news: OK, OK, just 1 week to go now for The Beat-Herder Festival ticket launch and we’…

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Latest update from Beat Herder:

OK, OK, just 1 week to go now for The Beat-Herder Festival ticket launch and we’re getting our jackets in a twist like David Rodigan = EXCITED!!
The earlier you get your ticket the cheaper they are so spread this news, tell a friend and…… HERD EM UP!! xx

The Beat-Herder Festival


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25 Responses

  1. David Steel Stephen Joseph O’Neill Harry Albion Martin Oneill Laura Cunningham Caitlin Priestley-Roberts Jess O’neill Andrew Callister

  2. Lisa J Cope Abigail Gordejczuk

  3. Craig Gilmore Michael Baron whoop!!!!

  4. Emily Holden says:

    Alicia Beck best get savin for this next

  5. Giving Rodigan some signal 👆👆

  6. Rick Packham Spencer Lee Chris Ryan Matt Booth!

  7. Karen Febreeze Shimmy Martin Melton Lewis Richard Hall Sarah Barwick Paul Shand Jem Heravi nearly ticket time … are we all still going ???

  8. Boadicea Wood 💔💔

  9. Jimmy Ringadingding Collins

  10. Kerry Towers says:

    Marc Noble Emma Louise Bulman xxxx

  11. Hannah Roberts Nat Weston Dylan HJ

  12. Emily Ashworth Lucy Gilmour

  13. Evan Hartley says:

    Lewis Darcy Jonny Dopson you boys coming?

  14. Martin Low says:

    Howmuch will first release be?

  15. Paula Swainston are we doing this x but only if deformation in a wigwam thing. I ain’t carrying shit again 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Darren Blair says:

    I want David Rogans set list and playlist immediately it was incredible

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