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Latest update from Beat Herder:

The Beat-Herder Festival 2018 ticket launch is tomorrow at 12 noon!!
We’ve held the 2016 & 2017 prices!
We’ve doubled the amount of early bird tickets!
You can sign up and pay just over £5 a week for your ticket!
You can even choose to pay monthly!
Prices from £105 + refundable £5 littler bond!
HERD EM UP from Thursday 28th Seaptember at 12:00 (noon). xx

The Beat-Herder Festival


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  1. Martin Low says:


    Jacob BullenMarie MagieraTom ElfordBen DaviesColleen MulliganAlex MartinScarlett MartindaleAlex Mc ManusDaniel WaddingtonLeontia JopsonAdi BuDom HallidayKaty Aicken not mates with Stu 😂

  2. Kelly Swainston Clough

  3. Michaela Marshall Milly Swales

  4. How many weeks is the payment ongoing for

  5. Gav Jenks….. gona get mine early and cheap dude!!!

  6. Charlotte Greenwood what you sayinggggg

  7. Lily Brittain Caitlin Buckingham Rubin Popova

  8. Ekk Karen Febreeze Shimmy Martin Melton Lewis Paul Shand Richard Hall Sarah Barwick Jem Heravi

  9. Cat Capstick Sam Procter Matt Procter Darren Solessi we going lol x

  10. Martin Low says:

    Wowwww £100 I might buy 2 😀

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