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What’s your most unforgettable experience at #BeardedTheory? πŸ€” πŸ“Έ Graham Whitmore

Spring Gathering


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16 Responses

  1. Luke Aye says:

    Trying to hold everything down.

    When we had that mad wind the day after hawkwind played.

    Never seen, or known a stage de-rigged so quick.

    I was working with Viking…

  2. Bill Scroggs says:

    Dubioza kolektiv starting a lightning storm… Epic!!! 😍⚑🌩️⚑😍

  3. Paul Craig Slater says:

    Which band is this ?

  4. Brian Damage says:

    Pizzatramp in the Woodland. Truly epic.

  5. Trevor Pastieboy Rickards says:

    Someone once stole my sack Barrow and I had to make many journeys from tent to car park with my gear after decamp .

  6. Mark Ward says:

    A few hours into my first time at BT and thinking ‘this! This is the festival I’ve been looking for!’

  7. Willie MacDonald says:

    Jane MacDonald who can you see in the crowd?

  8. Jim Revill says:

    Skin coming into the crowd & the whole of the Carter USM final set

  9. Allison Edwards says:

    It’s got to be Goldblade in the beer tent the year of the tornado πŸŒͺ 🍺 🎀

  10. Ashley Leeds says:

    Skin walking on the crowd. Was a breathtaking performance.

  11. Benjy Curzon-Jones says:

    How strong are his fingers?!

  12. Andrew Summerton says:

    Having our tent robbed whilst we slept…

  13. Ian Mccarrick says:

    Hearing True Strays for the first time what a great band. Fell in love with their music and followed them ever since xx

  14. Ian Maynard says:

    The mighty Tankus the Henge. What a stage show!

  15. Ste Moorby says:

    Neil Williamson wrestling a blow up shark to the ground and popping it. Right at the front of the main stage while Madness were playing then getting a bollocking off the owner πŸ˜‚

  16. Joan Macdonald says:

    A very young Alistair

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