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Bearded Theory news: Do you realize….how much fun this headliner is going to be?…

Latest update from Bearded Theory:

Do you realize….how much fun this headliner is going to be?

Grab your ticket in 4 days’ time.

Featuring Flaming Lips.

Spring Gathering


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40 Responses

  1. Stuart Lowe says:

    Maybe they should change their name to wrinkle lips.

  2. Paul Melville says:

    Can’t wait 😬

  3. Rosie Southgate says:


  4. Hannah Morgan says:


  5. Liam Nulty says:

    Look more like The Replacement Hips

  6. Oliver Revilo says:

    Saw their cover band THE FLAYLING TITS last week BRILLIANT 5Stars

  7. Ben Stutchbury says:

    The Flaming Lips fkn Blow🤢👎

  8. Gordon Lowe says:

    Do you realize that everyone you know one day will die??
    All the more reason to get to this!!

  9. Wave Marine Scales says:

    Danielle Edwards thought that was our little mark !!!
    Xxx ffs 🤦‍♀️

  10. Aidy Stimpson says:

    Dreadful tedious bombastic rubbish

  11. Douglas Burrows says:

    Nothing for me but Patti smith. So if she don’t come to scotland I will go to her.

  12. David Kenyon says:

    Are they on in the afternoon? Hope so, that’s when I have a nap. 👍🏻

  13. Helen Bamford says:

    Just absolutely incredible….soooo can’t wait xx

  14. Alan Clark says:

    Pure genius. Can’t wait

  15. Phil Stiles says:

    One of the best live acts on the planet – inventive, imaginative and full of love

  16. Richard Bodenham says:

    Yes mate

  17. Nigel Johnson says:

    Flaming lips and Misty in Roots highlights of the weekend for me

  18. Anne-Laure Corcol says:

    Never heard of them until your headline so looks like it will be a love story for both! X

  19. Dale Parfitt says:

    Brilliant live band. Always a great night out.

  20. Suzie Knight says:

    Maaaaaate! Now I’m excited!!!!!

  21. Louise Turner says:

    Can not wait!!

  22. Stuart Mclachlan says:

    Absolutely cant wait to see this band, been on my list to see for a long time now

  23. Melissa Smith says:

    Jade Stevenson can not wait … you did get a ticket didn’t you ? 😳

  24. Melissa Smith says:

    Emma Handley you should come with us Babs ❤️bet Stacey Smithhas already said this xx

  25. Nancy Lowe says:

    Absolutely brilliant live.❤

  26. Lucy Beth says:

    One of the best live bands in the world 💜 So exciting.

  27. Mark Eemark says:

    They look like Take That and Boyzone after they’ve taken a course of Crystal meth !?

  28. Sean Flynn says:

    Thanks for the shout , they were good when we saw them in glasgow? Many years ago , but peaked round about then , I’ll stick to EODM for now .
    Off to see Arab Strap in the toon on Thursday 👍

  29. Mmartyn Blair says:

    Greatest band in the world

  30. Geoff Dunn says:

    Yes, I do. I’ve seen them twice before. They are amazing.

  31. Ruby Bhambra says:

    Flaming Lips! Sealed the deal!

  32. Lindsay Blossom Thorne says:

    Sooo good! One of the best!

  33. Benj Fisher says:

    Steven Fullagar What do you think

  34. Nicholas Sell says:

    Lorén Smith I think this is the kind of thing you would hate 👍

  35. Winston Barnett says:

    The lips are boss
    Got book tickets 🤙

  36. Stephen Joyce says:

    I’ve heard of them that’s where it ends, couldn’t tell you a single song by em.

  37. Kerrie Greene says:

    I very much do realize!!! They were going to be my highlight of 2020 amongst the 11 festivals I had booked. I’m so excited to be in my favourite field with my favourite people watching one of my favourite bands. Expect all of the happy tears 😁🥰 x

  38. Jo Bonnett says:

    Nikki Gaubert do you fancy ? X

  39. Dean Saunders says:

    Brilliant Live act

  40. Lance Buckle says:

    I’ll be having a woodland evening that night.

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