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Bearded Theory news: CHEERS BEARDED THEORY!…

Latest update from Bearded Theory:


We’ve got a great range to fill your glass with at Bearded this year! All our main bars will be stocked with a quaffable selection of crisp lagers, local cask, tasty ciders, crafty cans, spirits, soft drinks, wine and much more, all at great prices.

Plus BRAND NEW for 2022, Thornbridge will be operating their own bar within the campsite! Offering a huge range of Peak District brewed bevs to please your tastebuds.

We can’t wait to raise a glass to that!

Spring Gathering



8 Responses

  1. Angie Pickard says:

    How much will a pint be please?

  2. Dave Smith says:

    Will any of the ales be unfined and suitable for vegans?

  3. Bob Eades says:

    Thornbridge in the campsite too? Things could get messy (messier?) 😆

  4. Neil Happy Loner says:

    24 hour in campsite I hope .Is it cool to vlog as got tube channel starting called Appydazeuk

  5. Rachel Whiley says:

    Will there be new cups to collect this year =D

  6. Ian Hanratty says:

    Unreal beer/cider selection!! I’m used to Carling or Strongbow at a festival!!!! Jaw hit the deck when I saw you had Thornbridge and vocation!!!!!

  7. Andy Royle says:

    I feel a Cocoa Wonderland haze coming on

  8. Leo Ford says:

    Have you got a price list?

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