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Barclaycard British Summertime news: Your time has come! Tickets for Roger Waters have landed! …

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Latest update from Barclaycard British Summertime:

Your time has come! Tickets for Roger Waters have landed!
GET TO IT: http://po.st/BST18Roger

BST Hyde Park


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25 Responses

  1. Biba Newport says:

    Friendly reminder Chris Spath 🙂

  2. Well they sold out quickly!

  3. Emily Lynn you’ve got competition 😉 xx

  4. When are the next headliners being announced?

  5. Euan Alexander Vikki Cameron Vicki Crawford Krystel Fleming

  6. Claire Bevan says:

    Molly Bevan thank you xxx

  7. Mary Keeling says:

    Charli-ann a aàaaahhhhhh we did it!!!!!

  8. Brett Ludlow says:

    Jake Hawkes tempted?

  9. Lisa Maton says:

    Steve Maton 🙏😁

  10. 3 different ones
    Zurich, Amsterdam, London 😁

  11. Neil Fossey Paul Cockfield

  12. James Dobbs says:

    Urgh. That gold and diamond circle thing really defeats the meaning of rock n roll

  13. Mark Rurojc says:

    Just brought my ticket!😊

  14. Elaine Baird says:

    One for you Gordon Grant 😊

  15. Neil Fossey says:

    That’s gonna sell out fast

  16. Dave Wilcox Joel Julian??!!

  17. Sadly they’re too ‘expensive’ to invest in a whole 8 months ahead! 😱

  18. Josh Benn says:

    Grant Arran Wallace

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