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Latest update from Barclaycard British Summertime:

🎉 We’ve added some massive names to The Rolling Stones sixtieth anniversary celebrations at American Express presents BST Hyde Park! The War On Drugs and Phoebe Bridgers will join us on Saturday 25 June, whilst Sam Fender and courtney barnett will appear Sunday 3 July, plus more artists across the two days.

Tickets on sale now but moving fast!

BST Hyde Park



30 Responses

  1. Jane Robson says:

    What about support acts for Duran Duran 🤨

  2. Angela Russell says:

    Gutted we don’t have Sam Fender Lara!

  3. Matthew Moore says:

    Every support bar Pearl jam Saturday looks great 🙄 Sam Hill Wayne Moore James Hall

  4. Andrew Mellor says:


  5. Caroline Paul says:

    I think I speak on behalf of everyone going on Saturday when I say, who?

  6. Kris Turnbull says:

    When will the day line-up be released for Duran Duran?

  7. Zoë Fiander says:

    Is there any way to upgrade general admission tickets for 25.06? Banging lineup

  8. Balázs Hartmann says:

    Does anyone know when the Stones will start? (03 july)Thanks

  9. Jon Sladden says:

    Where ??? Can’t see any good support acts for the 3rd July – poor show- how’s about a known London act like Squeeze, Madness, Placebo, The Police. .the list in endless. Liverpool get Echo and the Bunny men. Shame. Late start, what time will the The Rolling Stones be ion so we can just turn up just before they come on.

  10. Sue Grundy says:

    Had no update on Duran Duran about updated tickets since it was postponed in 2020. Presume tickets will be sent out nearer the time?

  11. Helen Wann says:

    Gemma Miller this is what we were on about last weekend, get booking 🤗. We have tickets for the Sunday 🥳xx

  12. Paul Taylor says:

    Not exactly massive but good nevertheless.

  13. SK Carter says:

    I absolutely love The war on drugs what a great booking 👍

  14. Bill Sandalls says:

    Sam Fender topping the support just 3 (?) years after opening for Dylan….. Kept saying he couldn’t believe he was even on the same bill…..

  15. Paul Clayton says:

    Could’ve got the Dirties on 😎

  16. Paul Robinson says:

    The ticket prices are a complete joke!!!
    £95.75 is for a basic ticket.

    The Stones (…what is left of ‘em) certainly don’t need the money. The economy is shot to pieces (Covid, Brexit, Energy costs etc…) and now us poor people are being asked to part with almost £200 per couple to be entertained for a few hours. I think it is time for a reality check guys!!!

  17. Ian Shore says:

    Massive !!!
    I love the Stones but these support acts are poor to say the least.

  18. Eight Bars of Piano says:

    We can’t do the 25th June but have just had a cancellation for 3rd July if you get in quick.

  19. Dean King says:

    Disappointing support to say the least….. hope I am pleasantly surprised 👀🙄

  20. Natalie Eshelby says:

    Will you be able to let us know what times each are on please closer the time – especially War on Drugs

  21. Rosie Watt says:

    We saw the who a few years ago, no golden circle , Paul Weller, Johnny marr, gaz coombs, kieser chiefs supporting. Greed got the better of them now.

  22. Nick Welford says:

    Saw them live in 1976 at Earls Court. Thought they were past their best then.

  23. Jayne Harris says:

    David, woohoo! I was gutted Sam Fender wasn’t supporting our Killers date, but we’ll get him for the Stones instead 😁😁😁xxx

  24. Sue Brookes says:

    Diane Hinge we will have to Google the support acts as I’ve never heard of them!

  25. Debbie Rucroft says:

    BST Hyde Park looking forward to the event. Disappointed by the line up for stones on the Saturday…like many. However I will soak up the atmosphere. Do you have a approx start time? Need to book a train ticket to get there in time!

  26. Elisabeth Champion says:

    Since when did the Stones need “ support?”
    I understand guests but not support: I definitely don’t need to be there on time for this one 💋

  27. Elisabeth Champion says:

    Seen them many times stars 🌟 of their own show 💋 pity there are no decent guests to join them 😌 despite them being more than able to hold their own.
    Ok – I’m Luddite!!!

  28. Sharon Bryant says:

    Any idea who will be supporting Adele on Friday 01 July? Thanks 😊

  29. Anthony Akerman says:

    Can’t believe some of the complaints. Stoked to see war on drugs and would have been equally happy with Courtney Barnet. What’s the problem??

  30. Ann Nixon says:

    I was at the first one 60 years the Rolling Stones had it was amazing

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