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Latest update from Barclaycard British Summertime:

We are very excited to add some incredible names to Pearl Jam’s biggest ever London shows at American Express presents BST Hyde Park! One of Britain’s most formidable rock artists, Stereophonics, the acclaimed CAT POWER and many more join the lineups on Friday 8 & Saturday 9 July. 🎉 Tickets on sale now:

BST Hyde Park



32 Responses

  1. Richard Thompson not long till I see your favourite band and yes I’m going both days 😂

  2. Lol Caleb O’Neill bet you can’t wait to see the Ironics 🤣

  3. Debbie Gibbs says:

    So excited for Saturday 😍 Nikki Gibbs 😍

  4. Paul Scott says:

    Waited all this time and you come out with some has-been diluted indie band…Anyone want to swap a friday for a saturday?

  5. Sarah Ford says:

    Jon Sutton we’re the Friday.

  6. Jason Lickk says:

    Marcus Nascimento oh my god!!! Phonics and pearl jam!!!!

  7. Amanda Lush says:

    Nick Nick Pearl jam qnd stereophonics 🥰

  8. We’re gutted, we have had tickets for two years we bought pj and the pixies (both my childhood favourites) but our tickets are Saturday so we’ve missed put on the pixies.

  9. Paul Scott says:

    Looking to swap my 2 saturday tickets for a 2 fridays?

  10. Woohoo! Worth the wait hopefully!! Bring it on Rebecca Lily John Harrison

  11. Boots Coffey says:

    Bring back the proper music 🎸🎸🎸

  12. Going Saturday 👍🏻

  13. Awesome! Got tickets for both days and super happy to see Stereophonics are on there!

  14. Tony Peck says:

    Suzanne Hill, great support band for the 9th!

  15. Jess McNulty says:

    Danny McNulty I’m praying we have tickets for the Saturday!!! Look!!😂

  16. Lizi Doolan says:

    Mark Sparky Wright Saturday support announced!

  17. Neil Barclay says:

    Stephen Will , Saturday just took on a new twist 👍👍

  18. Daniel James Perry I was expecting better for Saturday, you’ll hate it 😆

  19. Mark Reeve says:

    Needs White Denim on the Friday! 🤘

  20. Terry Price says:

    ! 🤘 which day are you going Dave?

  21. Becci Court says:

    Kieran Galvin here’s the date – wonder if they now have any upgrades available ?

  22. When is the big Rolling Stones announcement being made ?????

  23. Bee Stroud says:

    Any news on additions to the line-up for the Duran Duran date?

  24. Sarah Connor says:

    Charlotte Milner what ya doing 9th July? 🙃

  25. That Saturday lineup is a disgrace. The difference between Fridays lineup is ridiculous. I bought tickets expecting Idles!! This is as far from Idles as possible.

  26. I didn’t take the refund for last year, but I have received no tickets (originally ordered them for the 2020 dates). Will I get an email closer to the time?

  27. Lucy Trist says:

    Natalie Croot You’re down with the kids, any idea who any of the other acts are on our day (Pixies day)?

  28. Does anyone know when they are going to announce other artists playing alongside the headliners on the various evenings?

    I’ve got Adele tickets but am excited to find out who else will be on that day 🙂

  29. I have 2 tickets available for the Saturday for pearl jam if anyone is interested? I unfortunately cannot attend now

  30. Waiting on that July 3rd announcement – Monday??

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