Barclaycard British Summertime news: Tickets for Elton John on Friday 24th June have SOLD OUT. Thank you to everyone …

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Latest update from Barclaycard British Summertime:

Tickets for Elton John on Friday 24th June have SOLD OUT. Thank you to everyone who has booked and we can’t wait to see you in the summer!

If you missed out, please keep a look out for updates on our platforms in the event of any future ticket releases.
* Subject to availability

BST Hyde Park


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30 Responses

  1. Vera Voortman - Schiedon says:

    Gerben was ook vet geweest 😍

  2. Carole Francis says:

    Me too 😂 gutted sold out not

  3. Carmel Johnson says:

    Wayne York keep an eye out in case they add more please ☺️

  4. Stuart Moo says:

    She packed my bags last night pre-flight

  5. Stuart Morris says:

    You can still listen to the outdoor concert for free outside the gates everyone

  6. Peter David Smith says:

    I wouldn’t pay for a bst concert in Hyde park again. Too many noise restrictions. May as well stand outside and listen.

  7. Kelly Pinsent says:

    Anyone have a spare or not wanted tickets general admission or gold circle please PM me thank u 🙏

  8. Clau Dia says:

    Unfortunately sold out

  9. Julie West says:

    Do we need to get Elton John glasses 😀, so pleased we got our tickets xxx

  10. Jessica Brown says:

    Got 3 golden tickets for sale, unfortunately can’t make it😓

  11. Frank Mitchell says:

    We’ll be there.. Tickets sorted for me and Brenda Mitchell. Roll on next year!!!!👍

  12. Sanchia Perrow says:

    BST Hyde Park…so what’s happening now the tour has been cancelled????? No rescheduled date for this performance?!?!

  13. Marie Duggan Reed says:

    Sir Elton had already rescheduled dates for the tour in March, July and September last year, all because of restrictions surrounding the pandemic

  14. Jen Cambell says:

    I have just had an email from Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road mailing list saying all his dates in 2022 bar the Global Citizen event on 25th September are postponed till 2023. Dates for all concerts in 2023 are given. No mention of BST Hyde Park at all. Can you advise if he is still playing BST2022???

  15. Darren Lake says:

    Is this still going ahead now he’s done his hip in?

  16. Steven Egan says:

    Crikey hasn’t he been on a farewell tour for the past 20 plus years 😂… as Elsa would say “just let it go”

  17. Lynsey Thompson says:

    Any news BST Hyde Park is this is being postpone too?

  18. Lucy Bliss says:

    This guy has been saying farewell for years?! When is he actually gonna farewell? Lol

  19. Lucinda Rose Watson says:

    Can you put out a statement regarding this please? Will it be rescheduled or a refund?

  20. Sarah Faulkner says:

    Has he cancelled this date too?

  21. Melissa E Barker says:

    Is anyone still interested in purchasing tickets ?

  22. Loretta Melville says:

    Who needs tickets ?

  23. Maria Ward says:

    Hasn’t he now cancelled this tour???

  24. Alexandra Smith says:

    Is this still going ahead? Had nothing to say otherwise??

  25. Anita Benita Lisa says:

    Who needs tickets

  26. Jennifer Peterson says:

    Hiya Hun,

    I actually have 1-3 tickets as not sure if I’m going but I’m open to offers

  27. Vickie A Coper says:

    Who needs tickets

  28. Jasmine Kelly says:

    I’ve got two tickets!!! Happy to negotiate price, don’t want them to go to waste !!!

  29. Danni Marie Foster says:

    Gary Peters we need to get some of his glasses for when we go lol x

  30. Nikki Jane Spencer says:

    Is this still going ahead? As seen a few articles saying elton john wont be touring X

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