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Latest update from Barclaycard British Summertime:

The lineups for Pearl Jam’s two massive shows at American Express presents BST Hyde Park are complete! The amazing Johnny Marr joins the bill on Saturday 9 July, plus many more artists added to both days.

With under a month to go, the time to secure your tickets is now:

BST Hyde Park



21 Responses

  1. Julie Dixon says:

    Still waiting for my tickets 🎟

  2. Vicki Seaton says:

    Oh Daytime TV. Fantastic. Just hope my flight gets in on time.

  3. Cat Jamieson says:

    How do Pearl Jam get the stereophonics and Elton gets the unknown! 🤦‍♀️

  4. Adam Leonard says:

    Just needs Adeles line up now or are we just waiting for an announcement that she’s cancelled??

  5. Ross Mason says:

    Need to get in for Johnny Marr

  6. Julie Anderson says:

    Any news on more support acts for Duran Duran?

  7. Nyx Elisa says:

    A month to go for Duran Duran and no news… 🤔

  8. Robert W Miller says:

    Andy Colliar is tigerclub the band you was into.

  9. Simon Mc says:

    Didn’t think Pearl Jam had that much of a following here in the UK

  10. Lisa Green says:

    Omg, these support acts are more like you’d expect to see and are far better than The Stones (& Elton by the sound of it)

  11. Chris Thornley says:

    I have a spare ticket for Pearl Jam and the Pixies (well the actual ticket hasn’t arrived yet) if anyone is looking for one. Selling through ticket master resale.

  12. Scott Gregory says:

    What time are Pearl Jam scheduled to take the stage? We’re traveling from out of the country

  13. Cathy Cobley says:

    Gutted going on the Friday !

  14. Constantino Pires says:

    Great to see a Real Music 🎼 Message band – THE LAST INTERNATIONALE – 🎸🎼🗽🎤 on stage …

  15. John Dineen says:

    Any idea what time Pearl Jam are coming on at??

  16. Peter Liew says:

    Can’t wait for Pearl Jam . Shame Jerry Cantrell could not hope over and join the line up

  17. Richard Couch says:

    Looking forward to seeing Johnny marr supporting Pearl jam

  18. Kate Ashman says:

    Gemma Brownhill Damian Cross Saturday line up announced not long now 🙌🙌

  19. Steve Richards says:

    The more I look at this lot the worse it gets for me

  20. Stuart Wyllie says:

    I’m going on the Saturday Cathy Cobley!

  21. Denise Dixon says:

    Omg Johnny Marr , now Saturday is looking better . Wonder if EV will join him 🤔

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