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Barclaycard British Summertime news: BST Hyde Park updated their cover photo.

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Latest update from Barclaycard British Summertime:

BST Hyde Park updated their cover photo.

BST Hyde Park


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25 Responses

  1. Sara Barnes says:

    Adrian Steels fancy this? That’s your Christmas pressie sorted if you do lol 😂

  2. Karl Pearson they have started to announce acts 😀

  3. Angie Tasker says:

    Gary Hines hav u seen this 😁

  4. Claire Bevan says:

    Molly Bevan yes please x

  5. Lucy Barksby says:

    James Edmonds Stevie Edmonds not sure if you’ll be intrested x

  6. Louise Hewer says:

    Frank Hewer u were right lol Rhianna Hewer guess were we are going lol xxx

  7. Noel Wrafter what about this next year?

  8. Andy tickets for this??

  9. Salvo Guttilla invece di ascoltare su deezer vai al concerto

  10. Will Hirst says:

    Chris You like pink Floyd?

  11. Dean Elcome one for you

  12. Dean Elcome says:

    Brendon Loy!! There you go!

  13. Sarah Gibbs you and Dave might like this? X

  14. Sara Guerreiro aqui também vai ser bom amor

  15. When start the ticket sale

  16. Bethany Cann cant find your comment – stupid facebook but YES!

  17. When start the ticket sale ?

  18. Christina Cooper you interested in this?

  19. Shirin Salt says:

    Peter Salt….shame we’ll miss him!

  20. Moeten we weer naar London😃 Patrick Albers

  21. 1970 I went to see Pink Floyd in Hyde Park ,it was free.The stage was made of scaffolding and the sound system was rubbish, but 120,000 people enjoyed a fine day .

  22. Andy Lye says:

    *sigh* Was really hoping he’d bring this tour to the O2 Arena.

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