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Barclaycard British Summertime news: Are You Ready for tickets to go on General Sale for the incredible Elton John to…

Latest update from Barclaycard British Summertime:

Are You Ready for tickets to go on General Sale for the incredible Elton John tomorrow, Friday 10th September? Set your alarms for 10am! ⏰ 📸 Gregg Kemp

BST Hyde Park


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23 Responses

  1. Lee Thorogate says:

    Got mine. All these pre sales do my head in. Can’t we just return to when tickets are on sale they’re available to everyone .

  2. Gemma Loerns says:

    Got mine 😍

  3. Rick Little Chino Wilmott says:

    Is that a waxwork?

  4. Jenni Hobden says:

    Got ours already Graham Dobbs whoop! Hotel booked too. Can’t wait x

  5. Natasha Steels says:

    Mick Cunnington this is what I was telling you about Sunday 🎤🎹

  6. Gavin Cueto says:

    Is the full line up being announced tomorrow?? 🥳🥳

  7. Christopher Wagstaff says:


  8. Liz Lane says:

    Don’t bother setting your alarm, the decent tickets have gone already, we got ours on Tuesday.

  9. Wendy McCarthy says:

    That’s nae real, is it?!

  10. Carrie-Anne Turner says:

    Jennifer Turner Tomorrow morning, 10AM, Elton’s comin’ to town

  11. Karon Blues says:

    Sheli Dobbie what’s happening xx

  12. Chris Vine says:

    Charli-Joyette Cambray I’m going to book some tickets tomorrow. Do you still want me to get you some??

  13. Chloe Moore says:

    Aaron Green Chantel Green Levi Green too excited for this!

  14. Sammie Hodges says:

    Neil Diddams i am in a meeting then xxx

  15. Kathryn Marooney says:

    Set ya alarm Cheryl Evans 👀😂

  16. Liam Shaun Reilly says:

    Abi Kneller Nikita Heggs Jason Ward

    You know it makes sense

  17. Lucy Mattingley says:

    Are vip tickets available tomorrow?

  18. Andrea Long says:

    Got ours – can’t wait

  19. Dave Mullender says:

    Must do Faye Keats

  20. Helen McCrow says:

    So pleased we are in already Sarah’Jane Sandy Sarah Sylvia Tanner 😃👍

  21. Fiona Davies Ireland says:

    Bring on the VIP Garden Jayne McCarthy!!!!

  22. Fiona Davies Ireland says:

    Claire Heat – I have tickets for the VIP Garden – get a job there!!

  23. Simone Lautman says:

    Ready to party !

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