ArcTanGent news: // Wiegedood released one of our absolute favourite records of 2022 so far… Qu…

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Latest update from ArcTangent:

⚡️// Wiegedood released one of our absolute favourite records of 2022 so far… Question: is it too heavy for ArcTanGent? Or should we just book them? 🧐 Listen:




27 Responses

  1. Chris Woollam says:

    Book em!

  2. Tommaso Kirkham says:

    More heavy stuff the better, book em

  3. Sam Marshall says:

    I say book them and to hell with the consequences! 😀

  4. Nick Williams says:

    Get it done!

  5. Konrad Frączek says:

    You’re never too heavy for Tangent. Now do it.

  6. Duncan Pickles McCaskill says:


  7. Alan Palfrey says:

    Sort it!

  8. Jo Nathan says:

    BOOOOOOOK THEMMMMMM. They’re amazing live.

  9. Kristof De Craene says:

    Just do it

  10. Jasper Barclay says:

    Amazing live, but bring controversy for their name, however the festival us about evolution and pushing boundaries

  11. Kat Ander says:

    Too heavy?😂

  12. Steve Dunn says:

    Book them

  13. Ragu Shauce says:

    Stop teasing us! Also have you asked CELESTE and Year of no light if they would like to visit the farm as well???

  14. Sabine De Wolf says:

    Book them

  15. David Greenwood says:


  16. Mike Kay says:

    DO IT!

  17. Hans Devriendt says:

    Book them

  18. Sam Bowers says:

    Book them.

  19. David Bowery says:

    Book them!

  20. Niels van Beek says:

    Book the whole Church of Ra!

  21. Diego Savage says:

    B o o k t h e m

    They keep playing Bristol so we obviously love them…

  22. Ørjan Pettersen Dahle says:

    Get in

  23. Kenneth Verresen says:

    Book them

  24. Sarah Axl Benton-Rose says:

    Book them 😬

  25. Janey Mary Jean Hayes says:

    Why is this a question though? Lol Obviously book them

  26. Breville Williams says:

    No such thing as “too heavy”…. It’s like “too much cheese” – no such thing. Book ’em 👍

  27. Sammie Palmer says:


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