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ArcTanGent news: // Two years away has been two years too many. www.arctangent.co.uk…

Latest update from ArcTangent:

⚑️// Two years away has been two years too many. 🎟 www.arctangent.co.uk




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  1. Ian Sheen says:

    Bloke in the top pic doesn’t have a beard. Very unrepresentative of ATG.

  2. Susanne Nielsen says:

    Hi Arctangent, ArcTanGent and ArcTanGent 2022
    we are 6 friends from Denmark who have tickets to Arctangent from 2020 (and 2021) who unfortunately will not be able to make it to Arctangent in 2022.
    So we have six 4-day VIP tickets, and a Supadom Glamping tent package for 4-8 people with airbeds and sleeping bags that others might like to get hold of.
    Would you be able to help us sell those Tickets? Or maybe get a refund for the Tickets.?
    All the Best, Susanne

  3. Simon Kelsey says:

    Is it Friday headliner time yet? 😁

  4. Breville Williams says:

    The event I’m most looking forward to this year!

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