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⚡️// One Armed Scissor…you?




13 Responses

  1. Gonna answer slightly off piste.

    The drum intro to Harper Lewis.

  2. is this a hint, ooor? 👀

  3. At about 3:08 when that trumpet kicks in. This song has been living rent free in my head for about the last ten years.

  4. It’s always Marigold for me, the strings introducing the riff is just glorious

  5. Dan Schmitz says:

    Future of the Left – Arming Eritrea 🤘

  6. Steve Waine says:

    This whole song is a riff-gasm…but the one that start around the 3.00 mark especially 🤩


  7. Dead Meadow – Sleepy Silver Door

  8. Talk Talk – Life’s what you make it

  9. Richy Rich says:

    The skids – into the valley

  10. Mark Arnold says:

    500 miles… Proclaimers….. Everytime……

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