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ArcTanGent news: // James has rated some of 1991’s biggest records. Go ahead, tell him where he’…

Latest update from ArcTangent:

⚡️ // James has rated some of 1991’s biggest records. Go ahead, tell him where he’s right (and wrong?)…



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18 Responses

  1. Derek Davis says:

    Temple of the dog and chili peppers are 👌👌

  2. Lee Harper says:

    Who is James?

  3. Phil Hill says:

    Going against the social media grain I’m going to say none of them are wrong. Personal taste innit. Plus, I own and like all of those albums 🤘

  4. Rigo Melendez says:

    Nirvana and Metallicas Black Album dont deserve that 9/10… PJ’s Verses is better than Ten but thats just me

  5. Jan Korytár says:

    Black Album not good album.

  6. Dafydd Jones says:

    G’n’R + RHCP are probably two of my least favourite bands, so I have a definite bias about them being terrible 🤣

  7. Clare Martin says:

    Grungy goodness!

  8. Matt Bond says:

    Wasn’t massively into GnR and never listened to Temple of the Dog so no comment – loved all the other albums though so don’t disagree with the ratings but all personal of course! My top 3 albums of 1991 were by Carcass, Fishbone and Painkiller all 10/10!

  9. James Horrocks says:

    Slint – Spiderland over all them albums

  10. Robert Lawrence says:

    Arise and Decade of Aggression would like a word

  11. Andrew Ramsay says:

    Some amazing albums, worrying to realise they’re 30 years old!

  12. Anthony Bolton says:

    Sepultura.. arise isn’t there. Beats all them

  13. Simon Clark says:


  14. Joel Haynes says:

    Kyuss – wretch literally genre defining
    My bloody valentine – loveless also genre defining
    Atheist – unquestionable presence

  15. Benjamin Moore says:

    Look about right to me! Be interested to see where Alice in Chains’ Dirt would be placed.

  16. Ashley Palmer says:

    I would swap out those G’N’R’s for Prong – Prove You Wrong & The Beyond – Crawl.

  17. Kasper Vandeputte says:

    Blood Sugar Sex Magik is an easy 10/10. A ridiculously awesome piece of work. And the only RHCP album I own…

  18. Matthew Brady says:

    RHCP = 0/10

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