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ArcTanGent news: // How many ATG artists can you find? HINT, there are 14!…

Latest update from ArcTangent:

⚡️// How many ATG artists can you find? HINT, there are 14! 👀




10 Responses

  1. Mauricio Miranda says:

    Can you add Rolo Tomassi to the line up please? It would be perfect 😁

  2. Uta Arnold says:

    Cult of Luna, Tesseract, Opeth, Carbomb

  3. Jo Nathan says:

    HE IS A HPHWSA!!! Awesome, I didn’t know they were playing!

  4. Chris Lloyd says:

    The Armed, McClusky (but there’s only one “c” in the grid) Cult of Luna, Pallbearer, Tesseract, Maybeshewill, Ithaca Intervals, Car Bomb, Bossk and Caspian

  5. Simon Kelsey says:

    Awesome, I found spewmee 😁

  6. Alex Farr says:

    Does Bear count twice 😅 (Well… Bear would be no. 15!)

  7. Konrad Frączek says:


  8. Raoul Duke says:

    brb, just starting a band called Cexaoa

  9. Mark Baker says:

    Pretty sure I can see Porcupine Tree in there 😉

  10. Nick Wesson says:

    I found none. Just like I can’t find the refund on my 2021 tickets that you said I could have. Been emailing you for three weeks now. Would love it if you could sort that for me, please?

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