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ArcTanGent news: After 3 successful years at 2000 Trees Festival we’re really excited to announce…

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Latest update from ArcTangent:

After 3 successful years at 2000 Trees Festival we’re really excited to announce that ArcTanGent is going completely cashless this year! Instead of paying for drinks, food or merch with cash, you now need to load your money onto your RFID wristbands before you arrive and zap your wristband to pay for stuff. You can go straight to the bar or your favourite food stall and get on with the serious business of partying, and the best thing is, you can’t lose the money in your pockets because now it’s attached to your wristband.

If you register for your cashless account before August 10th, you’ll be in with a chance to win 2023 tickets! We’re giving away 10 free 2023 4 day passes, including Wednesday entry.

For more details and to register, go here: https://arctangent.co.uk/cashless




7 Responses

  1. Could I have a link to the data collection policy and privacy policy regarding this please. The 2000 Trees web site has neither that I can find, although it claims the data collected is anonymous but you need to provide an e-mail address and name to sign up.

  2. Josh Ṡlack says:

    This is great. I remember losing my wallet on the first day of Hevy Fest 2014. Someone was kind enough to hand it in to security (not before taking £240 and leaving me with £20 to last 2 days). Suppose it could have been worse 🤷‍♂️ Anyway, cashless is great.

  3. Will those with the bar tab tickets get these added to the wristband?

  4. Can I still use my phone/contact less card??

  5. Would rather just use my credit card that I already have and not have to pay £1 for pleasure of using a proprietary system and then wait for my unused funds to be refunded further down the line.

  6. Mat Lahan says:

    Can we still use cash/and or our own debit cards? I don’t believe this will have been in the original terms when buying a ticket and I don’t want to pay for being forced to use this system.

  7. Really simple to do but can anyone confirm if the white button for auto top up needs to be on the left or right to be activated 🙈🤣

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