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Ed Sheeran Friday, Green Day Sunday @ Glastonbury?

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Ed Sheeran Friday, Green Day Sunday @ Glastonbury?

So if the BBC is not to be believed and they actually did have the inside skinny on the ‘other two’ Glastonbury 2017 headliners it will be Ed Sheeran on Friday and Green Day on Sunday.

From the BBC article: A previous version of this story mistakenly said Ed Sheeran and Green Day have also been confirmed. This is an error and was not based on any official sources.

As Green Day are playing Germany on the Friday and Saturday – and as the Foos are announced for Saturday – it doesn’t take a genius to work out the rest.

We like to think there are some very red faces at the Beeb right now and that Michael and Emily are seriously reconsidering the cosy relationship they have with the loose-lipped broadcaster.

Of course it may just be that Glastonbury thinks the same about Ed as we reported that Isle of Wight Festival boss John Giddings did a while back…



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