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Africa Oye Festival news: Sin Bin of the City – Museum of Liverpool Screening

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TOMORROW: ‘Sin Bin of the City’ screens at Museum of Liverpool – 1:30PM

This will be the first public screening of the documentary film followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers and members of the L8 community.

Director, James Arthur Armstrong says: “For many people, the events of the summer of 1981 are something that should be forgotten – a blot on the history of a city and community that is best left in the past.

My film aims to re-open the history books, bring unheard accounts to light and, most importantly, reflect on the modern relevance to wider communities today. Now more than ever we need to talk to each other, to listen to each other and understand how we see the world, and cinema, to me, is one of the best mediums for doing this.” On Saturday 14th October Museum of Liverpool will be screening the new short documentary film ‘Sin Bin of the City.’

‘Sin Bin of the City’ uses a rich tapestry of archive and testimony to delve into the political and social upheaval of Liverpool’s black community in the summer of 1981.

Join us for this first public screening of the film followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers and members of the L8 community who continue to be affected by the event that became known as the ‘Toxteth Riots’.

More information on the film and screening can be found here: http://www.cosmicjoke.co.uk/SBOTC

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