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We are delighted to be working with Future Yard & Harvest Sun Promotions to bring Ethiopian legend Hailu Mergia to Birkenhead.

“Mergia displays the tenacious spirit you expect from a person who walked into a studio to practice the accordion and emerged with a masterpiece.”

The story of Hailu Mergia is one of survival and a late justice for years spent in exile: The maestro, once the leader of 1970es Addis Ababa’s favourite dance band Walias, emigrated to the US after the Mengistu regime came into political power at home in Ethiopia. After running several businesses he
ended up driving a cab at Washington’s Dulles Airport, while still practising his keyboard chops on the back seat of his vehicle in downtime.

In 2013 Hailu returned to the live music circuit after the blogger-turned-label-owner Brian Shimkovitz (Awesome Tapes From Africa) had found him to reissue his 1986 unusual, multi-tracked solo effort.

+ support from DJ Richie Vegas (Test Match Special / Africa Oyé (Official) / Mellowtone)


Africa Oyé (Official)


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