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Africa Oye Festival news: “Audiences can expect to be thrown into a world of both the familiar and unfamil…

Latest update from Africa Oye Festival

“Audiences can expect to be thrown into a world of both the familiar and unfamiliar. They will be taken on a journey that explores the types of sounds an instrument can make outside of itself, just like an oracle – somebody who can transcend their community and tell a story so that people can understand their purpose.

Another theme that will bind everything together is Afrofuturism. This has been a very personal journey for me, exploring a topic that speaks to me as a black person and my idea of where my journey goes in the future – the use of technology, the idea of space, and of transcending what was before to look further ahead. For me, The Oracle is all about finding a universal idea of spirit that can take us to another world.” – Abel Selaocoe – Artist Page

Manchester Collective presents
The Oracle with South African sensation Abel Selaocoe
in association with Africa Oyé

TOMORROW (Thursday 31 March) 2022, 8pm – Future Yard, Birkenhead https://tinyurl.com/2p8yj69n

Africa Oyé (Official)


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