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A view of Reading from above 🤗️

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A view of Reading from above 🤗️

A view of Reading from above 🤗😍❤️



25 Responses

  1. Solène Bonis Vincent says:

    Melvin Samc ” tu lèves Le Bras dans 5min que je te retrouve “

  2. Ema Emuchika says:

    George 😍

  3. Stephen Brown says:

    Thomas Davis.
    Can you see us in the crowd. …lol

  4. Izzy Whitley says:

    Heather Wilkinson oi i can see u

  5. Alex Gavriel says:

    Fern Chipperfield

  6. Hannah Knight says:

    Eliot Was this Chillis? ;s

  7. Chrissy Gardner says:

    Take me back Terence Howell ☹️☹️

  8. Nick Brown says:

    Griff Brown – I can see us!

  9. Sinead McEwan says:

    Will Saunders

  10. Emelie Ahrle says:

    Alice Bartlett :’)

  11. Lydia Ralph says:

    Ryan Heaver wish we were here again right now x

  12. Luke Eboué Mohan-Di Canio says:

    Where are you Josh???

  13. Thomas Williams says:

    Lloyd Facey Kyle James Matson

  14. Chloe Double says:

    Amy West

  15. Jess Tierney says:

    Hayley Sutcliffe

  16. Sharon Stokes Bryson says:

    Elliott Sheward

  17. Georgina Anastasia May says:

    Marcus Oliver Bennett

  18. Connor Eames says:

    Paige Maling that thing we saw must have been a drone

  19. Livvy Heath says:

    Beci Ball

  20. Carley Pagett says:

    Alice Oldcorn Laura Edwards

  21. Josephine Abbott says:

    Jake Birch if you look closely you can see you massacring that burrito

  22. Becca Boswell says:

    Owyn Welch think i can see us

  23. Tracey Read says:

    Abi Ife 😁

  24. Molly Denholm says:

    Toby Denholm

  25. Ali Stent says:

    No wonder I keep getting lost Jo Heath!

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