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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: The Hives Y Not Festival Highlights 2016 HD

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: The Hives Y Not Festival Highlights 2016 HD

The Hives perform at Y Not Festival- Derbyshire, UK
Behind the scenes and from the stage 31 July 2016

Directed by Ben Lowe

Special thanks to GoPro and our tireless road crew!

“Try It Again” from The Black and White Album


15 Responses

  1. I need a new Hives album!

  2. Vengan a México por favor 😧

  3. OxygenLess says:

    When are yall comin back to the us/releasin a new album. It was 5 years between black and white album and lex hives, now its been 5 :O Also i really wanna see yall live. Please do some southern US tour dates in the next 10 years!!! Much love.

  4. The best band live ever <3

  5. Tanya Saleh says:

    Wow wow wow!! Love u the hives

  6. can't wait for another tour, come back to Australia

  7. Arely Rosas says:

    Pell long hair 😍
    Come to México ,pleaseeee!!! We love you, you are awesome!😘😍💖🎶

  8. You guys should play Riot Fest again! Headline! So worth the trip from Salt Lake! My favourite band.

  9. Lyra Stone says:

    I've loved you guys for seriously my whole life. when i was three or so my parents would let me watch your music videos to calm me down. But I've always wanted to see you live. You never come close enough for me to feasibly go tho:/. please come to like seattle or vancouver. I tried to convince my parents to let me see you at riot fest in Chicago since thats where my dad was born and we could make a trip out of it. They didnt go for it tho. I love you guys always. Dont stop being amazing.

  10. Regresen a México 😭😩😩😩😩😩 chiquitosss!!!!

  11. Mikey Marsal says:

    Why are people saying new album?

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