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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: OZORA Festival 2016 (Official Video)

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: OZORA Festival 2016 (Official Video)

The official OZORA Festival video from 2016. —– CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ——

Dear Ozorians! The O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2016 Official Movie is now available online.

You can now again relive some of the most golden moments of our last shared Ozorian experience in all its caleidoscopic glory. As 2016 O.Z.O.R.A. was in many ways about reaching back to the ancient, our roots and transcending those in reimagined ways, the 2016 Official Movie also reflects this inspiration. Much of the raw footage was recorded on original Super8 film, so the highlights of our latest adventure come to life in a ‘back to the future’ psychedelic reality, our alternate version, thanks to our amazing camera crew who caught some of the highlights, the magic we all make happen.

Enjoy the ride on this multicolor whirlwind back into the lands of O.Z.O.R.A.

rules for watching:
1. switch to 720p or 1080p
2. full screen
3. turn up the volume!!

WEB: http://www.ozorafestival.eu/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Ozora.Festival.Official/


BANCO DE GAIA “Is-Is Loves Ankh-An-Atum” (Disco Gecko, 2016)

HUJABOY “Ancient Memories” (Zero One Music, 2014)

ALPHA PORTAL “Full Throttle” (HOMmega Productions, 2016)

NINESENSE & OBLIVIANT “Sandstorm” (Blacklite Records, 2016)

SYBARITE “Wolfgang’s Tea Party” (TIP Records, 2013)

KAYA PROJECT “One Hundred Lights” (Grouch Remix) (Interchill Records, 2014)

VLASTUR Full Band “Live at OZORA 2016”

TRIPSWITCH “Shamanic Tea” (Ajja Remix) (Unreleased)

KABAYUN “Spectrum Helix” (Hypnotique Recordings, 2015)

VERTICAL “Paperwork” (Purple Hexagon Records, 2016)

CID INC “Say No More” (MicroCastle, 2015)

RITMO & ACE VENTURA “Biological Computer” (Iono Music, 2016)

AVALON & LAUGHING BUDDHA “Wake & Bake” (Nano Records, 2016)

ATONED SPLENDOR “Reality Ripper vs. the Grain Stripper” (Braincell Remix) (Unreleased)

KAMINANDA “Shaman’s Tunnel” (Sofa Beats, 2016)


film by Pumpui
Attila Nikléczy, Linda Varjú

produced by O.Z.O.R.A. Festival
Dániel Zimányi, Árpád Zimányi

Pawel Wieloch
Katarina Luka
Réka Valkai
Mercédesz Czanka
Krisztián Pamuki
András Táborosi
Levente Salma
Péter Busák
Ádám Bedzsula
Erik Kocsis

Super8 camera
Krisztián Pamuki
András Táborosi

Super8 labor
Szilas Szilárd / Artbázis-Szilaslabor

Super8 scan
Besenyei Zalán / Keskenyfilm.hu

aerial footage
Pawel Wieloch
Veress József

additional footage
Sam Angeli / Sam Point
Krischan de Beer

action camera
Zoltán Uhlár

Giorgia Gaia
Balázs Szász

interview speakers, in order of appearance
John Macmurphy
Goa Gil
Einat Ran
Nick Sand
James W. Jesso
Michael Gosney
A fellow Ozorian
Graham St John
Ray Castle
Usha Sand
Giorgio Samorini

subtitle translation
Enikő Koklács

Erik Kocsis, Krisztián Pamuki

music selection
Csaba Gyócsos (Dj Tsubi)


earth zoom vfx
Krisztián Pamuki

special thanks to the whole Ozora crew and the
Zimányi family (Dániel, Árpád, Dániel Jr., Erzsébet, Andrea)

Thank you for the love and support!
Anna Pillár


39 Responses

  1. wow really refreshing see ppl just having fun and having a great time

  2. Hungary=Festival Land 😘😘😘🤘🖖

  3. What is the track name starting at 22:00 min ?

  4. Nagyon Nagy says:

    B@sszameg, h mé nem szeretem a goát.. 🙁

  5. Please excuse my ignorance, but can someone please explain these "tribes" to me, how can I learn more about them?

  6. Happy days in Ozora! 🙂

  7. i m says:

    This festival is made for psychedelics yet they say they are prohibited, let people be free to do they want!

  8. Ana Clara says:

    Alguém me leva plmrr de Deus

  9. Sofie Callow says:

    When i get old enough to go there…bet your ass that you'll be seeing me there!!

  10. Multy Petyo says:

    Ide ell kel mennem ^.^ 😎😍

  11. Any one knows the song 35:0037:00 ?

  12. arkady zz says:

    Psychedelic Goa Trance awersome spiritual music

  13. Dwight Scott says:

    This looks so amazing

  14. Namaste!!!!!
    Good vives

  15. Удивительный фестиваль. Даст всевышний, то поеду летом в 2018!

  16. REBORN says:

    wow… thats only the best thing i can immagine

  17. Became very cool. Peace

  18. Anyone from the USA sad that ozora is so far 🙁

  19. arkady zz says:

    Great awersome ammmazing 👍

  20. can someone tell the name of a guy at 32:38

  21. daffy more says:

    does anyone know which ozora festival has that part where people are drumming on the tables and singing some sort of indian song: "heya oh," something like that, then the music of the next song beautifully fades in.
    A buddy of mine is making a climate docu and he needs thát particular specific piece of audio for it.
    Anyone knows what i mean, the year of the festival would be gladly appreciated.

  22. marco lenz says:

    i have never been there but plan to go next year i heatd there is a problem with police and security is that true ? maby somebody who have already been there ?

  23. senin ta ananın *** koyim bacını ** yapim aq nebiçim sesin var aq

  24. I am a simple man, i see boobs i upvote

  25. Momo says:

    The first 5 min of this are so incredibly magical and immersive to me! Thank you so much!

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