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2000 Trees Festival news: You want NEW artists? We’re announcing NEW artists on Monday 27th….

Latest update from 2000 Trees Festival

You want NEW artists? We’re announcing NEW artists on Monday 27th.

One of them is the Saturday Night Headliner. Here’s a hint.

Tickets will fly after we drop these names, so make sure you’re part of 2000trees 2022 by grabbing yours from https://bit.ly/TREES22. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

2000 Trees Festival


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39 Responses

  1. Jason L Overman says:

    YES! I’ve been waiting years for City Window Hat Dance to come to the UK

  2. Craig Martyn says:


  3. Paul Hatton says:

    Dance Gavin dance

  4. Greg Anderson says:

    Just to clarify, 2020 tickets still valid for 2022?

  5. Chris Brain says:


  6. Emma Salmon says:

    This doesn’t look like AFI 😭

  7. Gary Jones says:

    Dance Gavin Dance surely won’t headline.

  8. Eamon Patrick Shortt says:

    Alien ant farm ?

  9. Sam Davies says:

    I love DGD, but they’re no way big enough in the UK to headline a day at trees. Saying that, if they did, I’d go for the Saturday night in a heartbeat.

  10. Laura Allitt says:

    Rob Veryard Get ready 😉

  11. Tom Gibbons says:


  12. Tiffany Toomey says:

    Rob Sandiford seems to be dance gavin dance, trees looking rather tasty for you now👀

  13. Damo Batchelor says:

    Don Broco?

  14. Scott Thomas says:

    Turnstile because they’re everyone’s favourite hardcore dancey bois?!

  15. Shaun Breach says:

    A7X ??

  16. Craig Martyn says:

    Okay now DGD has been seemingly debunked I’m gonna go with a reformed From A Second Story Window, taking the clue literally.

  17. Wendy LB Hughes says:

    Are they from New Zealand?🙏

  18. Andi Foster says:

    I’m gonna clutch at a massive straw here…. But Fall Out Boy? Its the right hat. And its the Michael Jackson dance…

    BUT Don Broco have a new album coming out so, er, yeah.

  19. Anthony Grieveson says:

    Fall Out Boy?

  20. Su Hemming says:

    Alien ant farm #smoothcriminal 🖤

  21. Anna Lewis says:

    Alien ant farm?

  22. Michael Muir says:

    Skinny Hipster forgot his Beard?

  23. Vicki Lynch says:

    2000trees 2022 If it’s not being announced until Monday, you may want to take down the page on the website that confirms who it is 😂😂

  24. Andrew Roberts says:

    I’m gonna guess that is the LA skyline ➡️ come out to LA ➡️ Don Broco. I’m actually pretty happy with that 🖤

  25. Amity Lawson says:

    Nine Inch Nails imo

  26. Lisa Harris says:

    Billy Talent! 🤘🤘

  27. Carl Davies says:

    Gaslight anthem ?

  28. Greg Blakeley says:

    30 Seconds To Mars? Based on what I think is the hint. Suspect they’re too big but that’s the first that springs to mind.

  29. Matt Phillips says:

    The Last Shadow Puppets as he’s the last person, has a shadow and looks like he’s in a puppet pose.

    Thank me later 😜

  30. Fabio Couto says:

    I can’t find your email on my inbox

  31. Scott Henderson says:

    Alien Ant Farm? 😳🤣

  32. Matt Fox says:

    Never heard of dance gavin dance

  33. Matthew Michael Hughes says:

    Who would people WANT to headline and play next year…..?

  34. Mark Whyle says:

    That guy has crazy arms. Could it be Crazy Arm

  35. Jai Ewen says:

    Curiosity Killed The Cat?

  36. Will Scott says:

    Alien Ant Farm?

  37. Toni Davies says:

    AFI ….. 😂

  38. Mike Hughes says:

    I bet the acoustics in that room would be great?

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