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2000 Trees Festival news: 2000trees Feedback 2017 – Fill in for 20% OFF tickets & the chance to win free beer Survey

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Latest update from 2000 Trees Festival

Howdy folks – We’ve got our annual debrief/ 2018 planning weekend/ p!ss up in a couple of weeks, so if you’d be so kind as to fill in this survey we’d love to hear how 2000 Trees Festival was for you & how we can make it even better. (If that’s even possible) 😛. Thanks legends x

2000trees Feedback 2017 – Fill in for 20% OFF tickets & the chance to win free beer Survey

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2000 Trees Festival


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22 Responses

  1. Brand New headline set is the only way.

  2. Andy Freeman done mine

  3. Matt Fox says:

    Caz Beese, Shane K Beese, Katie Thorn – survey = 20% off 🙂

  4. James Clay says:

    I think the only possible improvement you could make to the entire experience would be a “did not use” option on your debrief survey so you didn’t have data skewed by people who didn’t visit the bar/comedy/ever leave the festival and are still camping in a field at Upcote Farm. 😉

  5. Dylan Booker says:

    Jacob Pratten Callum Lynch

  6. Dylan Booker says:

    Title Fight / Citizen !!!

  7. The most important improvement: BRING BACK BADGERS BOTTOM

  8. Jacob Smith says:

    Kirsty MckinlayEuan WilsonHannah MilehamZoe ScottNiamh Edwards

  9. Sue Yates says:

    Survey crashed twice I won’t try it again

  10. Clicked “done” and nothing happened!

  11. 100% less holidays for Robbie please.

  12. Nicky Husky says:

    Survey crashed for me too.

  13. Marcus Judd says:

    Can’t wait to go back! Especially as it falls on my 20th birthday!

  14. Completed survey and hit done and page broke “This site can’t be reached. The connection was reset.” agree a N/A option would be good as there were some parts of the festival I didn’t experience such as comedy etc

  15. Sarah Manzie says:

    Survey wouldn’t send- but bring back the el ritual rum shots!!

  16. Just completed the survey and it froze so hope it got through!! Looking forward to next year already!!!!

  17. My survey wouldn’t go through either! But bring back the Rumbrella!!! 🍻

  18. The Survey is faulty. completed twice but it crashes when pressing done.

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