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Posting this on behalf of anti-fascists in MCR –

A few days ago, AFA Ireland published a statement regarding a recent incident, some of it is here;

“Witnesses report that the violence occurred after NP security directly attacked female protestors, causing some injuries. The NP members fled into the conference room and locked the doors. Minor damage to the door occurred. The NP later claimed five members were hospitalised.”

Following on from this it reads;

“On Tuesday, an Anti-Fascist activist appeared in court in Omagh on a number of charges. We ask all Anti-Fascists and political groups to stand together to defend this man. A fund-raising campaign for his defence will be announced.”

Anti-fascists in Manchester are raising funds to support the legal defence of the person in question. A special shirt has been designed and any money from the sale of this shirt will be sent to support activists who need it. The design is on the next slide.

PayPal £20.00 (Postage included) to 161manchester@proton.me with the size you require.

Anti-fascism is a social duty, not a crime.

AFA Ireland

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